Divorce attorney for past 20 years, Kimberly J. Brasher, B.S., J.D,  gives        you a rare glimpse from her side of the desk. 

  Can your marriage be saved?  Is it time to leave?  What is happening? 

  Learn the pros and cons and realities of Divorce.  You will make the ultimate   decision for your circumstance....only AFTER you are informed.  Reduce the    anxiety of the unknown.

  If you decide your relationship is over you will be prepared.

  Is the marriage over?
  How can I improve the relationship so it can last?
  How do I know what He/She needs?
  What will I lose through divorce?
  What is in my best interests financially? emotionally?
  Where do you stand legally?
  How can you strengthen your position legally?
  Custody issues?
  Visitation issues?
  Chances of receiving alimony or support maintenance?
  How should I prepare for a divorce?
  Can I tape phone conversations?
  Will I receive child support?
  How can I reduce the affect of divorce for my children?
  What about my assets....how much can I keep?

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Successful Marriage  or
Successful Divorce?......You Decide

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Marriage or Divorce?...
                             You Decide.
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  Successful Marriage,                  
                  or Successful Divorce                               ...You Decide.

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